Make Your Website the Ultimate Business Destination

Using Better Chamber, your organization will be provided with the most modern web platform. It's a fully hosted platform with no IT involvement required.

Let's unite your staff and members with a single website., and bring benefits to your members, that have been previously unseen.

Make your website a must have for every member's business. Empower your members with amazing features like job boards and keep it local programs. Better Chamber provides a single solution for your staff and members to grow.

  • Unified Website

    No longer does your staff's membership management system and your member website have to synch. With the single Better Chamber system, when you make a change in the membership management section, it immediately appears onto the website. For example, if you add a member to a new committee, he or she will immediately have access to those benefits.
  • Change Content Easily

    You won't need a developer or IT staff to manage or change your website. With the Better Chamber content management system (CMS), your team will be able to move content around or add new sections to the site with a mouse or your finger tip.
  • Job Board

    Allow your members to post jobs and receive resumes on your site. Make job postings part of their base package or monetize on the feature by charging per job posting.
  • Blog and Video Library

    Make your website the ultimate destination for your members. Create blog content to educate your members in business best practices and connect your members to their benefits. Share content through blogs or videos and automatically have the content appear on social media.
  • Business Directory

    Better Chamber doesn't offer your mother's business directory! Once you search for a business you'll be able to see videos, brochures and pictures for the business. Also, find a map to the business' address and other information.

Better Chamber - Amazing Chamber Website

Reports and Dashboards for Everyone You Serve

Better Chamber includes dozens of reports and dashboards to help you measure your chamber for your staff, members, and the Board of Directors. Reports are interspersed throughout the platform, giving you new ways to measure your business.

The Better Chamber platform is enriched with beautiful dashboards and reports to give your staff, members, board and executives the tools to measure how successful the chamber is serving them.

  • Beautiful Dashboards

    Better Chamber has dozens of dashboard widgets throughout the system to help you create goals and stick to them. After the Better Chamber system interviews your staff on the goals that they have, they will find dashboards throughout the application to measure them against the goals. There are dashboards for your Board of Directors to see the health of the chamber. Your staff can view how the events and sponsorships are tracking this year compared to the same event last year and your members can see how many connections have been made by the Better Chamber system and your staff.
  • Customizable Reports

    You can view or email detailed reports at any time through the Better Chamber reporting platform. These reports can also be automatically emailed on a schedule to be in your inbox when you arrive to work each Monday. Measure your budget, the success of an event, your membership or connections that you're making for your members through these reports.

Better Chamber - Customized Dashoards and Reports

A CRM Specifically Designed for Chambers

The Better Chamber customer relationship manager (CRM) should be a called a chamber relationship manager. It helps you identify prospects, log activities, and help staff members communicate with one another.

Make your staff more efficient with the Better Chamber membership management system. Watch your sales team become more efficient and your members become happier as communication between staff members becomes part of your culture.

  • Easy Member Management

    Now your staff has a single mobile-friendly site to manage members, create invoices, and log activities. The Better Chamber CRM allows your sales team to create "hot lists" of prospects that they want to become members or to relocate to your area.
  • Log Activities and Create Tasks

    Each time your staff touches a member, the interaction is logged so other staff members have a complete picture of an account. Staff can also create tasks and reminders for each other that show up on their staff homepage. For example, accounting could log a task for sales to do a survey on a customer after they speak about a bill.
  • Create Prospect Lists

    If your county has a business license department, Better Chamber will pre-load these companies as prospects for your sales team to encourage to become members.
  • Referrals that Increase Satisfaction

    Each time the Better Chamber site or your staff makes a connection that helps with the member's sales, a referral is logged. The customer can at any time see the number of connections that impact the business.

Better Chamber - Beautiful CRM
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