Business Intelligence Development

Data Integration and Management

Do you have difficulty getting access to your data? Are you storing and managing multiple copies of the same information in flat files such Excel or CSV? How do you manage your data in your organization?

Our Business Intelligence expert at Agile Tech can help you design or fine tune your data integration and management strategy and capabilities. We can help you extract, transform, load those data that are stored in flat files, older database environment like Microsoft Access into more scalable database system such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

Once this database system, reporting, and analytics are built, you can securely access your data on your mobile devices, tablets, and computers other than Windows PC’s in or out of the office. If you have compliance issues, we can build the app in such a way that it is only accessible within your company’s internal network. This will help you to keep better track of your data if you have multiple offices.

Get in touch with Agile Tech today and let us turn your data into valuable assets. Don’t wait to get your custom application working to optimize your business – contact Agile Tech today.


  • We build engaging, dynamic, and cross-platform replacements to an existing flat files databases.
  • We will help you migrate your data, and put together a strategy for scaling your databases.
  • Create solutions that leverage the best of on-premises and cloud technologies.

Reporting, Data Visualization, and Analytics

Organizations rely on analytics more and more to identify trends and patterns within their data, valuable information essential to improving decision making.

We can help you implementing Business Intelligence system that will provide a business with key information by collecting disparate data from different sources and over long periods of time and making it possible to view the data from one central location.


  • We will help you building analytical tools; such as, dashboards and KPI using SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • Assist you to tap into the back end of a database server to find valuable business data, create reports and visuals, and easily share data with your team.
  • Work with you and your team with business analytics, and data visualization tools and features, as well as expert recommendations for making the buying decision that is right for your organization.