Website Design

Innovative website designing services offered in Jacksonville ensures a fine balance between aesthetics and software by incorporating new and bold features.

Serifs and Black and White Palette

While serifs are popular with the print medium they are now finding a way into websites. Bold, unconventional and decorative, serifs are a great way to emphasize something and make it stand out. The options are impressive and can be made to adapt to company branding. Different colors are used to gain visual attention and create the website mood. The latest trend used in Website Design in Jacksonville Fl is black and white along with small traces of other colors to create a bold, assertive and interesting impression.

Organic Shapes and Glitch Art

A favorite way of structuring a site has been to use geometrical shapes and systematic grids. This is slowly being replaced by smooth lines and natural shapes that are asymmetrical. Based on nature, these lines are spontaneous and imperfect. Microsoft.NET developers in Florida use this trend to give the impression of casual comfort and accessibility. Retro style glitches such as warped and double-exposed images are making a comeback. Not only does it draw the viewer’s eye to an idea but it’s quite an appealing experience too.


Newer website designs in Jacksonville FL are incorporating features that involve human interaction in small ways. Animations, beeps, icons, chimes are small ways that very subtly involve the user and make the site seem smarter. It also helps to transmit information or messages about usage and actions.

With new technological advancements, websites are becoming increasingly creative, smarter, interactive and illustrative.