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Creative Web Design Trends for a Fuller User Experience

Innovative website designing services offered in Jacksonville ensures a fine balance between aesthetics and software by incorporating new and bold features.

Serifs and Black and White Palette

While serifs are popular with the print medium they are now finding a way into websites. Bold, unconventional and decorative, serifs are a great way to emphasize something and make it stand out. The options are impressive and can be made to adapt to company branding. Different colors are used to gain visual attention and create the website mood. The latest trend used in Website Design in Jacksonville Fl is black and white along with small traces of other colors to create a bold, assertive and interesting impression.

Organic Shapes and Glitch Art

A favorite way of structuring a site has been to use geometrical shapes and systematic grids. This is slowly being replaced by smooth lines and natural shapes that are asymmetrical. Based on nature, these lines are spontaneous and imperfect. Microsoft.NET developers in Florida use this trend to give the impression of casual comfort and accessibility. Retro style glitches such as warped and double-exposed images are making a comeback. Not only does it draw the viewer’s eye to an idea but it’s quite an appealing experience too.


Newer website designs in Jacksonville FL are incorporating features that involve human interaction in small ways. Animations, beeps, icons, chimes are small ways that very subtly involve the user and make the site seem smarter. It also helps to transmit information or messages about usage and actions.

With new technological advancements, websites are becoming increasingly creative, smarter, interactive and illustrative.

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Four Principles to ADA Compliance for Websites

Website Accessibility and Modern ADA Requirements

Creating websites that are truly accessible to all users requires a certain degree of experience. Website accessibility is an important issue in the modern world. All people need to be able to use the Internet. While many people will care about issues related to website accessibility and ADA compliance, they still might not know very much about website ADA principles personally. Working with the developers who specialize in creating more accessible websites can immensely help to address the issue. Our websites are developed according to modern ADA requirements.

The Challenges That People With Disabilities May Face Online

Most of the information online is presented visually. As such, people who have vision impairments will often struggle when they perform tasks online. Some websites will be difficult for people with moderate vision impairments to use, because the websites will use a small font. Websites that are color-coded in any way will be difficult for people to use if they have issues with color blindness.

It’s important to remember that people who have severe vision problems will use keyboard shortcuts when they visit websites. They will not use the mouse, since this would mean that they would have to follow the cursor on the screen at the same time. Visually impaired people will rely on their sense of touch when using the keyboard, and they will also make use of screen reader technology while using the Internet in general. For them, website accessibility means being able to use all of these different tools and more.

More and more websites are now using auditory data rather than visual data, which is valuable for visually impaired people. However, it’s making things more difficult for people who suffer from hearing impairments. Some of these people will need access to volume controls that have a different sound range. People who have partial hearing might be able to benefit from those accommodations. Other people will need to have written transcripts of videos that they can access, as well as other visual accommodations.

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Data Visualization through Google Map

Google Maps allows you to quickly and easily create data visualization and plot analytic markers on a map. Whether you would like to visualize monthly sales, target sales, re-seller count or location of your project site; all of these can be done using Google Map API.

Having spatial data such as latitude and longitude is not particularly meaningful to see; unless you know where 47 degrees latitude 250 degrees longitude located on the earth, it doesn’t really make much sense. This is where maps play an important role in translating spatial data in a meaningful way.Read more